Monday, November 1, 2010

I am what I have done

In thinking about my life as a whole & how I want to be remembered. I made a list of interesting facts about myself.

  1. ...have repelled off a 50' tower. (1987)
  2. ...been in a fist fight. (1988)
  3. ...walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. (1987)
  4. ...won 2nd place in a bikini contest.(1988)
  5. ...awarded full Army Scholarship in Business Administration.(1990)
  6. ...award a full Air Force Scholarship for Nursing.(1990).
  7. ...met De La Soul. (1990)
  8. ...earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Atlantic Univ in Elementary Education.(1996)
  9. ...was in the audience for a taping of TRL. (2001)
  10. ...earned Masters Degree in Education Training & Management Systems from University of West Florida. (2003)
  11. ...Girl Scout Troop leader. (2002-2007)
  12. ...vacationed alone & sang in a karaoke bar in New Orleans, LA. (2005)
  13. ..donated my hair to Locks of Love. (2005)
  14. ...climbed Mt. Hood in Portland, OR. (2006)
  15. ...climbed 50floors to raise money for American Lung Association. (2009-2010)
  16. ...completed to 5ks. (2009-2010)
  17. ...climbed Stone Mountain in Georgia.(2010)
  18. ..regular blood donor.(1990)
  19. ...divorce survivor.
  20. ...mother of 4.
  21. ...wife.
  22. ...3 tattoos

I think this list a unique combination of events.

What do you think of my life list...? Have you thought of possibly making our own list like this....?


  1. What a cool way to look at life. It is interesting to see what you have done next to what you want to do. What item on your list are you working on next?

  2. I working on getting to a healthy weight.
    I have applied to get into a program to get my specialist degree.
    The electric car should come in less than 2 years.